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New range of teas

Ready-made teas are available as medicinal and food teas; the latter do not contain any drugs that conform to the Pharmacopoeia.

The pharmacopoeia quality ensures not only the content of effective ingredients, but also the absence of counterfeiting and contamination far above the food level!


With the knowledge of pharmacists involved in naturopathic medicine about the pharmaceutical effects of tea drugs, sensible tea blends can be created and largely used as a complement to therapy.


These special mixtures are only available in our pharmacy and not in online shops.

Our teas are available as a loose mixture or in filter bags.


Now in winter we offer you 3 more tea blends,

which are specially tailored to the Christmas season.


· Chimney dream

· Winter tea

· Mulled wine spice


We look forward to your visit to our pharmacy.


Your team at the Albert-Schweitzer-Apotheke


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