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Asthma advice

On the basis of certified advanced training, we provide advice for asthma patients and their relatives on the handling of inhalation aids such as metered dose aerosols, powder inhalers, spacers and the like. Please make an appointment for a personal interview.

bronchial asthma

Allergic respiratory diseases have become evident in recent years
increased. The increase in bronchial asthma is particularly worrying. In Germany it is assumed that 3 percent of the population are affected. Asthma is the most common chronic disease
in childhood. Current estimates show: 5 to 12 percent of children are affected. Asthma is a complex, chronic disease. Not only allergic reactions are responsible. Changes in lifestyle and the increase in air pollutants are seen as the main causes.

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Would you like an appointment?

Would you like an individual appointment for an asthma consultation? Just give us a call ( 0341/9 21 46 59 )

or send your request conveniently using the form .

Structure of the lungs and bronchi

The bronchial tree branches up to 23 times up to the fine alveoli.

Peak flow protocol

Blank record sheet, to be printed out.

What is asthma

What is asthma and why is it always increasing. These questions are answered here.

Asthma forms and triggers

Asthma is not always due to an allergic reaction. Here you will find the most important distinctions.

Complaint picture

Dramatic seizures do not always occur. Asthma is often "overlooked", especially at the beginning of the disease.

Diagnostics in asthma

Checking lung function with a spirometer, peak flow meter and plethysmograph is of central importance.

Medical therapy

Goals and treatment strategies in asthma

Reliever and controller are used according to a precise treatment plan.

On-demand drug therapy for asthma

The most important active ingredients and their possible uses.

Long-term drug therapy for asthma

The most important active ingredients and their possible uses.

Combinations of active ingredients in asthma therapy

Combinations of different active ingredients can bring considerable advantages.

Step-by-step plan of asthma therapy for children

Overview of the therapy recommendations of the German Respiratory League.

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